The Lessons Of Solo Travel


There’s a sense of beauty and serenity in solo travel that you’ll never truly understand until you are in that position or even until after you’ve returned.

I recently had my first ever experience travelling alone. I was tired of trying to make plans with friends, only to have them flop on something I had been craving for years. I had just finished University and I wanted this to be my reward to myself.

So I continued to save the money and planned a trip to London, England. The safe route, I suppose- an English-speaking country, but still Europe.

This was the first time in six years that I would be going on a plane and this time I was alone. I was excited, extremely nervous, and not exactly sure what I would do there by myself for one week.

I’ll say this about my experience- it was lonely, but eye-opening.


I guess I made the giant mistake of choosing to stay at an AirBnb instead of a hostel, so I didn’t get the chance to meet anyone, but as I sit here and reflect on my time spent abroad, I can say that I learned a lot.

I learned how to be alone with myself and with my thoughts and how to live without being dependent on companionship. Sure, it got very lonely at times. But I’ve never felt more aware of myself and of my surroundings than I did during my trip. I took more time to truly appreciate the architecture of buildings and appreciate the hands that built them. I took more time to relax and soak in the beauty of nature. I spent more time pampering myself after years of late nights studying, writing papers, and stressing over work and school. I deserved it.


I spent a little more time in quaint shops and in cafés and small businesses. I experienced my food a little more, taking my time with every bite and observing others around me. I gained a greater sense of independence and confidence. I spent more time observing, understanding and coming to realizations of how beautiful life is and how beautiful the world is and can be. There is so much we have been blessed with and fail to be grateful for.

“The Unexpected Beauty of Traveling Solo” – National Geographic

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