The Non-Academic Stuff You Learn In University

So you’re in University and you’re learning all of this great new academic information in your program. You’re writing papers, studying for midterm exams and really truly digesting all this information and retaining it right?

Nah, here’s five things you will definitely learn in post-secondary academic career.

Sure, you will learn the academic stuff but I can tell you that throughout your time in University or College you’ll learn so much about yourself personally.

1. You’ll learn about your most productive hours. Whether you are a night owl that pulls all-nighters most of the time or someone that would prefer to wake up earlier to study or take morning classes…this is the time where you’ll be able to figure out when you are the most productive and the most energetic.

2. You’ll learn how to force yourself to have small talk. Let’s face it, small talk is important. It can be a factor into whether or not you’re liked and shooting the breeze with your professor or classmates may be beneficial to your grades. You don’t know where the small talk can take you.

3. You’ll learn how to budget. You may have to pay for your student housing rent along with budgeting for your fast food for those late night study sessions. Learning to go about your day-to-day student activities on a limited budget will definitely prepare you for after you finish school….and struggle to find a job to pay for those student loans (sorry to say).

4. You’ll learn about the kind of job you DON’T want. If your school requires you to do a job placement or internship, this is when you will be able to identify what kind of job you definitely do not want, even if it relates to your program. This will help you narrow down what you want to do with that degree once you graduate.


5. You’ll learn how to deal with immense stress and pressure. Take it from me, sometimes it gets insane, especially if you’re in a challenging and competitive program. You might have panic attacks, you might cry and you might want to give up, but this will be a great learning opportunity. Figure out how you learn best and take it one step at a time. Ask for help! Don’t be shy, this is where that small talk may benefit you.

Overall, University or College can be terrifying, intimidating and a completely different experience. But it was one of the most revealing experiences I’ve had and I learned a lot about myself, what I’m good at and what I want in a career.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Good luck!



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