Choosing Inspiration Over Jealousy

Ever scroll through your Instagram feed full of pretty, aesthetically pleasing pictures of Instagrammers or watch vlogs of YouTubers travelling or going to fancy events and just get jealous?

Lately, I’ve found myself getting easily jealous of people who have “more” than me. People who have already reached the stage of their careers that I can only dream of right now. They’re getting the opportunity to travel, do what they love, be creative and have businesses and other individuals reach out to them to collaborate. It seems like the community of “online influencers” has became highly saturated and it’s become harder to stay inspired instead of envious and discouraged. Here’s why you should keep up your hard work and stay motivated, regardless of how “unattainable” it may seem to you right now.


First, you need to remember that those successful people all started somewhere. Regardless of whether or not they had money in the beginning to purchase those fancy clothes and start a fancy fashion blog, they still started somewhere. They still had to go through those times where they only had a few views on their blog, Instagram account or YouTube channel and over time, they worked their way up.

You may feel like whatever you put up there on your blog or Instagram or YouTube channel isn’t good enough, trust me, I definitely have and still do constantly feel that way, but someone enjoys it and you have got to stay consistent. Remember there’s a lot of people online. Sure, the “market” of online influencers is pretty saturated so you may not be so visible, but if you keep working on your content, you’ll learn how to improve. Again, there’s a lot of people online, just know that somewhere out there is reading, watching and following your work. Give it some time and maybe they’ll spread the word, follow your accounts, and stick with you.



Remember that a lot of the success of social media accounts also comes from their Search Engine Optimization. Work on the structure of your content, the focus keywords, the tags, etc. Everything that can get your article, blog, channel or account to the top of an organic search engine result. It’s all about the quality of your work, but also the technique of how you reach out to different online audiences. Keep in mind that it’s business, do your research. Research how you can improve the SEO and traffic of your website, and again, be consistent.

It can take a lot out of you to look at the work of other people online and CHOOSE to be positive and to feel inspired rather than jealous. Choosing to look at the photography that may be “better”, videography that may be “better” or the writing that may be “better” and deciding to use it as motivation to keep going and improving can be very difficult.

But keep in mind that jealousy is just a fear that you’re not adequate enough or that you won’t measure up.

I’ve thought about unfollowing accounts on Instagram simply because I was tired of seeing someone seemingly spend their day going to a spa, getting a manicure and getting food at an expensive café and thinking about the fact that they were probably getting paid to do that. But I try my best to remember that they probably had to work pretty hard to build up to that success.

Regardless of what your goals are, look at the people that are “better” than you and keep your eyes on the prize. Take this advice for any area of your life. Think about yourself, think about where you are. You are exactly where you need to be.

Keep it up,


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