Why I’m Slowly But Surely Becoming a Morning Person…Sort of

I recently read an article by Goalcast.com called “The Advantage of Being Selfish in The Morning”. The title itself intrigued me because I’ve been realizing how great it is to wake up and have time to yourself before beginning a productive day.

Thing is, I’m definitely not a morning person. The earliest I can wake up without feeling too tired to function is probably 9:30 AM on a good day. As of a right now I have a job that doesn’t require me getting to work at 9 AM or earlier, so I guess I’m lucky in that sense that I can wake up a little later and take my time in the morning. That being said though, I’ve come to appreciate a “morning ritual” of treating myself to a nice homemade breakfast, a big cup of coffee and taking my time starting my day.

Some days I’ll go to the gym…some days…which is an awesome start. I’ll make my breakfast, read a bit from blog posts, articles or a devotional and just chill before I head off to the gym or start working on projects for other people.

I’ve always been someone that prefers to wake up earlier so that I can have a proper breakfast. I’ve barely been one to skip breakfast, I guess a big part of that is because I can get pretty darn cranky if I’m hungry. I can never be the person to wake up at the last minute and rush out the door without eating something. Sure, I can get ready quickly, but I prefer if I had a bit more time to look fresh and awake, for the most part.

I think the best way to have a good day is to start your day properly. Wake up, make your bed if you’re feeling up to it, make yourself a nice breakfast and coffee (avoid buying coffee everyday guys, it adds up!) and be a little selfish in the morning before you start focusing on the work you have to do for other people.

These are the reasons why I don’t mind waking up and I’m starting to become a bit of a morning person. The feeling of getting to spend a bit of time to myself before I work on projects is worth waking up for and it’s a bonus to wake up earlier if you’ve got a lot on your plate. The day feels longer but it’s amazing how much I get done when I start my day earlier.

Your new “Morning Mantra” should be: Treat yourself! I’m sure you’ll start having more productive days by doing so. Rest up, eat well, and wake up and be good to yourself before you rush out the door for your boss.

Get back to me when I get a 9-5 job and see if I’m still following this mantra and doing these things…but for now, I love the days where I have a bit more time to be a little selfish.

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